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How do we make sure Lizards stay out of the house ?
  • Shreya Sawhney
    Shreya Sawhney 2017-04-24 06:32:45
    You can use flypaper as it not only traps the flies, but also the lizards. Paste this paper on the wall. The lizards will stick to it and then you can easily throw them away from your house. You can also use Peacock feathers, as lizards are scared of peacocks.
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  • Kruthika Dixit
    Kruthika Dixit 2017-04-24 02:55:28
    The bad odor shall keep them away. Add pepper to water and spray it on the walls, tube light corners, under the fridge etc. The smell of pepper shall irritate the lizards and they will vacate your house. Other things which shall keep them away include: Peacock feathers, naphthalene balls, Tabasco sauce etc.
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