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Food & Diet

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  • Morning breakfast plays a vital role because it accelerates the metabolism and helps you to burn calories all day long. It also gives you the energy you need to get things done and helps you focus at work . Below listed some of the breakfast which will not only help you to be fit but also will add extra shine on your face. Make sure you include one of these in your morning breakfast.Read more

  • We all want to be fit and healthy, to shed those extra pounds,exercise and right diet can aid a lot in weight loss. High metabolism equals to more weight loss, we all know as we age, our metabolism slows down, but there are some food which kick start our metabolism. Let’s check them out:Read more

  • Who doesn’t want a healthy body right, but how good would it be if we could have healthy body eating and drinking delicious food, well it is possible, these fun detox fruit/veggies infused water doesn’t just taste good but also help in body cleanse ,so just keep sipping these home made tasty detox water instead of unhealthy sodas for a fit body.Read more

  •  A perfect shade of red lipstick gives you the confidence to take over the world. We've all been fascinated by our mom’s red lipsticks during our childhood days and tried to fit in her sandals to match up to her beauty.Read more

  • During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes making them have extreme food cravings & mood swings. It’s simply clear that you can’t just eat anything but only the nutrient rich food.Read more

  • There are certain beauty foods that boost antioxidant level in our blood and in turn we get beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. Ladies! Fret not we are here to guide you, include these options in your diet & get that natural radiance back.Read more

  • Health food junkies, we've got your newest fix. Give the quinoa a break, let kale take a rest, and give teff a chance. Give the quinoa a break, let kale take a rest, and give teff a chance. If you were brave enough to venture into the unknown, you gave it a try. Read more