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  • Why Is It Necessary To Have Image Consultants

    “Fashion is not something you excel because you are clever but it’s based on physical appearance and also you have to be a businesswoman-like, to keep your longevity”.




    People consult various experts to match their personalities according to their surroundings, such as personality development or grooming programs, fashion designers to buy nice clothes, weight management experts to lose weight, or even something as intrusive as cosmetic surgery. These are not comprehensive solutions. 

    The fact is that a person's image is a combination of several factors. Hence an image consultant can help people project a winning image in all aspects.

    Here are 5 Reasons for the need of an image consultant:


    Dressing as per roles and goals to create an appropriate clothing communication



    An image consultant takes the client through a process of lifestyle evaluation by identifying the roles and goals and then suggesting levels of dressing in different situations.


    Dressing as per your body shape, variations and personal colours



    There are eight different body shapes and most people are not aware of this. An image consultant is equipped to identify your body shape and suggest ways and means to counter negative variations and enhance positive ones.


    Incorporating personal style in dressing



    An image consultant has the knowledge and the tools to identify the personal style of an individual and then suggests a clothing solution which incorporates the same to create an authentic image.


    Buying clothes in cluster and smart shopping



    When it comes to clothing, affordability is a big issue and people often buy on impulse and then regret their purchases. Also, many people suffer from the syndrome of buying lots of clothes and yet complaining of not having anything to wear for. An image consultant guides a client on how to build their wardrobe in a cluster to create variety in an affordable manner.


    Appropriate body language and etiquette


    Body language is one of the biggest factors in visual communication and image consultant advices a client on appropriate body language based on roles and occasions. Etiquette is a big part of creating an image. Correct etiquette in business and social situations goes a long way to create a powerful image.

    Hurry!!!! Hire an image consultant today to make a positive impact.