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  • Learning experience you will get if you are a female solo traveler.

    Solo travels not only pushes you out of your comfort zone it also teaches you a lot. As you travel solo, you are totally responsible for yourself. It's inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are. There are thousands of the learning experience and it's hard to put down everything on a paper. Some of the major learnings you will get in your life if you are a solo traveler are:

    1.You become a problem solver: Traveling alone will be the most craziest, scariest and liberating experience of your life. As you will be the only one out there to take care of yourself. You will learn to skip out of your comfort zone and tackle your problems of your own. 



    2. It can improve your mental health: Travel is, without a doubt, the fastest way you can grow as a human being and turn your life into an inspired one. My wonderful travel tales were made possible by taking charge of my mental health.


    3. You will get out of your comfort zone: When you travel alone you learn to push yourself in every situation, to meet people, to try new things and to see what you really love without the influence of others. Travel without itineraries, wifi, and forced plan will let you discover the inner and powerful you. 


    4. You will meet the world: When you were a child and was studying about the places in geography, a thought might have crossed your mind! "how big is the universe". Everything is in the walking distance you just need to discover your miles.


    5. You will learn new languages and can make a lot of friends: Travelling solo is the best way to learn the local languages because communication will ask you for this. As the new languages are not always about vocabulary and written test, it's all about getting what the next person wants to deliver. Once you can relate and feel the language it's become easy for you to learn the language and culture deeply.


    6. The "I want to get lost therapy": No plans made and you have to spend wisely and in this case what you do is, you just want to enjoy your view and be in the way to find yourself. To find what you are up to, to find what you want.


    7.Time to meet the mad, independent and hustle you: Nothing in the world can ever compete with the happiness of being independent because you know that you are the one responsible for your own happiness and you have to make efforts for yourself. Once you are happy you will do all the wild and crazy thing you wanted to do. Go on. "Life is short to regret"


    8. You will learn the subtle art of not taking people seriously: In the end, it's all about experience and learning. Being a solo traveler you went to places and have experienced ups and downs to it's hardest and you actually know how to deal with your problem. You won't take people opinion about you because you are focusing on the big picture.


    9. Memories will matter not people: The difference between you going to places and making your self-happy and relying on people in your life is, people teach you lessons but places give you memories. You will be more keen towards collecting memories rather than coins.

    10. Risk!!! They no more scare you: Initially you wanted a stable life but after traveling to some places alone you are used to taking risks and you are more than happy to solve all your problems. As no problem seems too big to solve or unable to solve you are open towards taking the risk and coming up with the most feasible solutions.


    11. You won't settle for less: Solo travel makes you realize you’ll never need to settle for friendships and relationships, just for the sake of having people close to you. You become more discerning and choose your tribe through want and not need.