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  • How to Charge your Metabolism?

    We all are jealous of that friend, who eats tons of food and still don’t put on even 100 grams of weight, while even looking at food makes us bloated.




    Well Ladies, the difference is Metabolism. Everybody has different metabolism rate, and as we age, our Metabolism slows down. So if you are in your thirties or forties, you will burn fewer calories than you were burning in your twenties.


    Here are the tips how you can boost your Metabolism:


    Tip 1: Stop Starving Yourself


    We have said it all the time, but you don’t understand. Stop skipping meals & starving yourself, you won’t lose weight but rather look pale & your glow will be flushed out of your body. Your metabolism will be slowed down if you skip meals. Eat a balanced healthy diet and get rid of that flab.




    Tip 2: Night Time Cardio


    Working out at nights will improve your metabolism. Your metabolism rate decreases when you are sleeping but if you workout just before crashing, your metabolism will be boosted and food will be digested at a faster speed. Remember to workout at least 2 hours before sleeping, so you get a good night sleep.



    Tip 3: Move



    Sitting for longer durations, slows your metabolism even if you work out regularly. If you are in a sedentary job that requires you sitting all the time, make sure you take break every hour for 10 minutes. You can walk, stretch or fidget but don’t just sit there. Moving around every now and then would improve your metabolism & increase your burn.


    Tip 4: Drink More Water


    There are so many pros of drinking water that we can’t even count. If you drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day, you can increase your metabolic rate up to 30%. Drinking water also makes you feel full and so you don’t go overboard with food.



    Tip 5: De-Stress Yourself



    Stress tends to slower down your metabolism & increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If you work out regularly and still not able to lose weight then ladies stress can be the reason. So reduce the stress and lose the weight.


    Tip 6: Add Spice to your Food


    Heating up your food with spices will boost your metabolism. When you consume hot & spicy food, your metabolism rate is increased for hours after you have finished meals. You can add spicy mustard sauce, chilli sauce, wasabi in your meals to boost your metabolism.



    Tip 7: Do Strength Training


    We all know that, exercise is essential to boost metabolism. Exercising lowers our blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress levels but only strength training boosts up our metabolism. So, the more muscles you have the more calories you will burn.




    Additionally it is recommended that you eat food rich in protein, carbs and omega 3s to improve your metabolism rate

    Now, you know that you don’t have to skip your breakfast or go for intense workout sessions to get rid of that flab.