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  • Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Are Travelling Solo!

    Travelling Solo is fun & adventurous, but only when you are safe. Women travelling alone often face issues if they are not well prepared & cautious.





    No, we are not saying that you shouldn’t travel alone but, but girl we are just giving you the tips to stay safe, when out!



    • Avoid Over-packingcool so you don’t have to carry the whole lot of excess baggage everywhere or pay excess baggage fees.



    • You cannot just forget to keep the Emergency Cashmoney-mouth apart from the regular currency with you.





    • Forgetting Travel Insurancecry is one the bizarre things you do while going on a solo trip.  Travel insurance covers all the cancellation expenses apart from health & luggage ones so it is advised to get insured before starting the trip.



    • Not Keeping Track of Your Reservation Detailsyell can land you in trouble. The best way is to save all the details in your phone.



    • Ignoring Local Customs & Dress Normsembarassed will invite unnecessary stares & troubles from the locals of the place. It is better to be safe than being stubborn.



    • Avoid Drinking too much in an unfamiliarwink place when you are alone, so, you don’t end up in any trouble.





    • Schedule all your flights, buses, trains or any other conveyance at day time & avoid Arriving in an Unfamiliar Place, late at nightsurprised.



    • Assuming other women don’t pose a threatcool can definitely harm you. You don’t know who the devil in disguise is.



    • Avoid Accepting Rides from Strangersinnocent when you are travelling solo to be safe. Use Local Buses or Licensed Taxis only.





    • Showcasing Expensive Items money-mouthcan get you robbed, so keep all your gadgets in hand bag & don’t flash your expensive gold or diamond stuff.



    • Sharing all your travel planssealed with someone you trust is strictly recommended. You never know when you might need a helping a hand.




    Girls do not travel being in your safety bubble, be confident, be safe & enjoy your time travelling solo. Also, don’t go overboard with the safety precautions that you don’t get to enjoy your fullest. kiss