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  • Destinations Around The World Where Women Are Banned

    It’s hard to believe that in the world we live have cities and establishments which can ban women. Yes it’s true! Women have made great social gains in the struggle for equal rights including recognition of political rights (especially voting), equal civil rights and access to employment and economic independence. But there are places around the world that forbid the entrance of women. Let’s take a quick look over them:


     Ayyappan Temple, Sabarimala 



    This temple in the state of Kerala,India has prohibited the entry of females from age group of 6-60. Basically, any woman who undergoes menstruation is barred from going on the pilgrimage.


     Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai



    One of Mumbai's most iconic landmarks, the Haji Ali Dargah has been restricted for females because in Islam, it is a 'grievous sin' for a woman to be in close proximity with the grave of a Muslim saint. The current arrangement at the Dargah allows them in, but the inner sanctum sanctorum is strictly off the limits.


    Mount Omine, Japan 



    For many centuries, its being used as a place of reflection and meditation by men and monks. The reason women are forbidden is because they can become a distraction for men in their task of meditation. Although, it was declared as a World Heritage Site in 2004 , but still all human beings are not welcome.


    Mount Athos, Greece 



    This place can refuse the entrance of women because of a special “autonomy status” that allows exception from certain Greek and European laws. There are 20 Orthodox monasteries on the whole mountain that restricts women’s entry under the premise that they could break the spiritual balance of the monks. Curiously, this restriction also extends to female animals.


    Saudi Arabia 



    Do you have a brother? Are you married? If you do not fulfill these conditions, I fear that you wouldn’t be allowed to enter the territory of Saudi Arabia. Quite unfair, right? No, the country is not banned to women, but if you're a female solo traveler, you'd have a better chance of getting to Mars. Women are allotted visas only if accompanied by a male guardian.


    Soccer Stadiums, Iran



    Azadi translates to “Freedom”, is the name of a soccer stadium in Iran, yet ironically, women are not allowed to enter. Supporters of the ban claim it is inappropriate for women to participate in these events because male players wear shorts, use vulgar language and also it would lead to unnecessary interactions with men outside their families.


     Connexion Hotel, France



    Located in Nice, this place is not simply “gay friendly” but strictly gay. It is a luxury hotel where you can invite up to 3 people to a room or find free condoms in the hallways, but only for gay men.


    Even today women have very limited rights because of such restrictions from these communities across the world. Yep! This is the world we live in, ladies. It's a man's world, and from the looks of it, we're on a very long road to completely changing it in favour of equality for women.