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  • Bring Good Luck To Your House Using Vastu Tips

    Do you want a happy home with lots of good and positive vibes that can energize your whole day? The study of Vastu Shastra reveals many secrets of how you can decorate your house accordingly, to create a harmonic balance; it brings peace and prosperity to your home sweet home! Now it’s time to add sparkle and zest to your house using these Vastu tips.


    Placement of furniture items




    You can follow these rules carefully and then make the adjustments accordingly.

    • The bed should always be placed in the Southwest direction
    • Place your wardrobe in the Southwest direction in your room
    • The shoe racks should also be placed in the Southwest direction
    • Keep your sofa sets and chairs facing the North in the living room or dining room area
    • Studying in the North direction boosts the memory. So make sure to keep the study table in the Northeast direction
    • Put the mirrors in the room facing North-East direction


    Electrical Appliances




    • Place the heating appliances such as-cooking gas stove, microwave or oven in the Southeast direction
    • Cooling appliances such as- AC and refrigerator must be kept in the North-western position in the room
    • TV set should be placed in the Southeast portion in the room
    • Ensure to never keep your electrical appliances in the North-east direction as this can bring a negative energy to the room and bring down the energy level.


    Statues and Paintings




    According to Vastu, hanging a wall frame of the running horses and keeping a laughing Buddha in the house can do wonders. The fact behind doing this is that it brings fortune in the house and depicts any kind of negative vibes and situations. Also, make sure to place statues related to Hindu Lords in your prayer room.


    Curtains and Plants




    • You can go for light color curtains as this helps in bringing peace and harmony in the house
    • Bring a money plant keep it in the South-east direction because it is said to be the corner of Lord Ganesha which is supposed to remove all the negativity and keep the house healthy and wealthy.
    • Avoid keeping the plants at the north-east corner of the house



    So these were some of the tips that would help you in decorating your home using Vastu tips.