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  • Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj for Women

    Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is one of the popular gemstones and exhibits great healing powers. Pukhraj represents planet Jupiter that signifies prosperity, fortune, happiness, luck & wisdom.


    Yellow Sapphire is beneficial for everyone and is known to be the supplier of wealth & success. Pukhraj is considered as the most auspicious stone among all the gemstones and is more popular among women. Women can add this gemstone in jewellery and garner the benefits it has.







    Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire



    Pukhraj for Prosperity


    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is one of the most popular gemstone among Navratanas. It brings prosperity and wealth to wearer. Pukhraj is believed to improve the financial status and brings fame, honour & success. It strengthens a woman’s ability to manage in ambiguous circumstances. This Gemstone enables her to take right decisions and define goals to achieve success.







    Pukhraj for Mental Balance


    Yellow Sapphire represents Wisdom and increases mental strength of the women who wear it. Pukhraj is also known to restore the mental balance, controlling the problems of anxiety & depression. Being the gemstone of Jupiter, it brings intelligence and has cooling effects on the mind of the wearer.



    Pukhraj for Fertility & Marital Bliss


    Women who wear Yellow Sapphire are said to have love & prosperity and avoid conflicts, arguments and fights in married life. If a woman is looking forward to get married, wearing Yellow Sapphire will bring marital bliss removing all the obstacles.

    Pukhraj is also known to be beneficial in case of impotency. Also, this gemstone is considered auspicious for pregnant women, as it is believed to ease the delivery process and prevent miscarriages.



    Pukhraj for Healthy Skin & Body


    Pukhraj is believed to maintain the well being of our skin & body and is considered beneficial in treating skin conditions like psoriasis & dermatitis. This Gemstone possesses so many heath properties and wearing this, a woman can improve her digestive & respiratory health.

    Yellow Sapphire is believed to cure diseases like indigestion, jaundice, asthma, peptic ulcers, nasal anaphylaxes and sinus blockage. Also, women experiencing bone issues, joint inflammation and gout are likely to benefit from by this Gemstone.



    Yellow Sapphire is highly respected for its meditative properties and also because of its miraculous benefits. This gemstone can be worn by anyone, though women are more aided from this.


    It is recommended that you only purchase only the original and natural Yellow Sapphire after consulting with your Astrologer.