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  • 2018 Major Beauty Trends

    Year 2017 for being a great year in makeup. From glitter lips, holographic highlighters, and enough unicorn-inspired products to make you believe the mythical creature might actually be real are a handful of the trends seen on everyone's Instagram feeds throughout the year. 2018 is going to be an epic year in make up too

    Let’s see five makeup trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2018.


    1.Golden glow

    When Rihanna launched a pure-gold highlighter, we had no idea the effect it'd have on the beauty world. After watching her  rock her very own Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife (a vibrant, metallic yellow-gold), we saw dozens of bloggers, editors, and celebs do the same. Sure, it may not be the most subtle highlight choice, but in the age of rainbow highlighter and holographic finishes, it's a welcome addition to our makeup arsenal.


    2. Inner corners

     Lining the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeliner is a trick that makeup artists have relied on for years to instantly make eyes appear larger and more awake, a shimmery color on the inner corners takes this technique one step further. 


    3. Upside-Down Liner

    The technique is one of the quickest ways to inject color into a look, while requiring virtually no makeup skills. All you have to do is use a shadow or liner in your preferred shade to line your bottom lashline. 


    4. Glitter Gaze
    2017 has been the year of glitter. We've seen glitter bath bombs,glitter roots, Of all the glitter trends that popped up in the past few months though, glittery eyes is one we can truly get onboard with. Apply a sheer layer to lids for subtle sparkle, or go for a heavy coat like the runway models


    5 .Metallic Lips

    Meet the practical alternative to last year's glitter lips: metallic lipstick. You still get the shimmer, without leaving loose sparkles on everything from your desk, sweater, to your S.O.'s chin.