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About Us

The Ladies Club ( TLC) is an online initiative which aims to bring the women across the globe together on a friendly platform to connect, share, review and passions, creations and their views with like-minded women on this single platform made exclusively to cater to all such needs at the  click of a button. We at TLC believe that its possible to stay connected with each other without the hassle of physical boundaries and share our concerns, challenges, issues, achievements with each other anytime, anywhere even while on the go. 

TLC embraces all aspects pertaining to a "Women of Substance” like Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Career, Self-help, Travel, Astrology, Food, Wedding and much more. TLC touches every aspect of women’s lives in a language that is simple, contemporary and young. TLC hopes to project a woman’s dream, aspiration and her flight exactly the way she wants. We strive to inspire & enlighten the women of today in their journey to become the women of tomorrow.The Ladies Club aims to facilitate  the modern woman break free of limitations, get in touch with her own needs and achieve harmony in all areas of her life in a comfortable friendly surroundings designed specially for the “women of today”….

Being innovative and deeply committed to maintain the high standards, quality and consistency of content and to further grow a deeper, lasting bond with its members, is the sole motto of TLC.  


Our Mission

Together with our members, we are a union of women where we connect, have fun, build communities, share experiences and make a change to the society. Our mission is to connect more and more women with each other to enhance women empowerment. We aim to change the society, make it better and more viable for women to thrive and be happy. A desire to change some lives, an initiative to spread some more smiles and to inspire women by our contribution and their participation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help women to reach their potential, making the best use of their time so that they are ready to shape & enjoy their future. Thus, we believe in the power of positivity and respect every woman’s attitude and make TLC, a number one women-centric online portal and providing women empowerment by serving to the best of our contributions.


Our Values

As an organization we are led by women officers as both colleagues and trustees. Every woman has a voice and we are here to listen and act. We value our women for the skills and passion they bring as individuals. We champion equality, celebrate diversity and applause success. We solve our problems, use our imagination and get creative. We encourage thinking and welcome new ideas. We are open, honest and consistent in everything we do. We make getting involved as easy as possible for every woman.